Web and Jay: 35 North

Web and Jay: 35 North

Next Raise the Roof House Concert # 8 will be Friday, October 26 at 7:30 PM with ‘35 North’

Artists: “35 North” Jay Stackhouse and Web Macomber in a Duo performance.

If a third time is a charm, this will be a really great show. Jay and Web enjoyed playing the RtR # 4, in particular the audience singing in 4 part harmony. Then they performed at the Frederic Fall Festival on the Gandy. Now back for Raising the Roof Concert # 8. Come early to insure a good seat, except a crowd.

Their entertaining banter during the performance comes from the fact that Jay and Web have performed together for 20+ years. They met and started playing together at St. Luke Methodist in Frederic. As these things happen, they began doing music for local events, some paid, some with a tip jar and some for free. They have graciously offered to do this concert gratis.

Jay and Web will be doing this concert as a Duo. Web is the primary vocalist and plays guitar, while Jay performs on all the instruments and does backup vocals. Jay suggested that their music is basically Americana (Viet Nam Era), a very prolific and sometimes profound musical time. Over the years the band has grown with sons and fellow musicians and with the newer band members they also now do some more contemporary music, a mix as it were.

Both play guitar but Jay plays a lot of other instruments, so this concert won’t be just 2 guys with guitars, not saying that is bad, but add other instruments like Soprano Saxophone, Alto Sax, Clarinet, Steel Guitar, Dobro and even Banjo, and it sure does change the experience for the audience.  Using the right instrument for a piece sets the mood and makes for much more interesting music.

35 North” has become involved with Veterans organizations playing at VFWs and traveling several hours to provide entertainment to the vets for tips. They just want to give back to veterans.

Take a listen:

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#9 November 30th, “Unplugged?”

#10 December 28, Open Stage

#11 January 25, Steve Wilson

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One 10 Gallery will host a Silent Auction of donated Art by local artists for the benefit of Frederic Arts Sunday, November 11th, 5-8 PM at the gallery 110 Wisconsin Ave N, Frederic.

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You are invited to stop by and bid on some great Artwork.  Doors open at 5 and bidding ends at 8 PM.  Snacks and beverages served while you browse.

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 Ceramics kiln

Ceramics kiln

A generous donation of a ceramics kiln this summer by Danbury artists Judith Witt and Bruce Poe has been the impetus for the beginnings of a pottery program. Contingent upon fundraising efforts and public support, it may well take a year or two to get up and running. A studio has be set up and maintained with equipment and supplies, and experienced instructors found. Once built, it will be one of the few such public programs in this region.



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Art, Craft and Design Classes continue for 2018

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Create a 2019 calendar

 Paint and Sip with Tammy Seebach

Paint and Sip with Tammy Seebach

 Bill and Abbie

Bill and Abbie

 willow Weaving with Sandy gimpl

willow Weaving with Sandy gimpl

 Caning with Mark Buley

Caning with Mark Buley

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 L to R: Mark Buley, village Treasurer, Jen Phrenetton, Nancy Buley, Tammy Seebach and Lloyd Wilson

L to R: Mark Buley, village Treasurer, Jen Phrenetton, Nancy Buley, Tammy Seebach and Lloyd Wilson

Frederic Arts has bought the building at 310 Lake Avenue South from the village!  We have already received some generous donations that allow us to make the purchase and begin a capital campaign fund to improve the Art Center and provide ADA accessibility.  Stay tuned for updates on our remodeling and fundraising plans. 

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YOU HELPED US BUILD A MOSAIC BENCH.  As a welcoming gesture and a community involvement and beautification project, Frederic Arts with the help of nearly 100 participants built a mosaic bench to be located the in front of the new clinic.  The design as envisioned by local mosaic artist, Cynthia Rintala DeMar is represented above.  We used raw material gathered and ask you to help us put it together during the Family Days weekend.  The concrete slab was ready and by the end of Saturday. YOU did it! Thanks!

The results are amazing and THANKS to everyone who helped! 



Frederic's Public Arts Commission hopes to add something each year in various public locations throughout Frederic. “It’s a way for village residents and businesses to invest in themselves,” said Jack Route, also a Commission member and on the Board of Frederic Arts.  “By adding something each year we hope to increase the awareness of the Arts and in some small way add to the distinctive quality of life we have here in Frederic.” 

We are accepting donations in any amount, towards another Public Art purchase for the village.  This can be in addition to a membership or separately.  Please note on your check your preference.  If you have an interest in serving on this commission, please contact Jack Route at 715-371-0144 or info@fredericarts.org  Donations are accepted anytime by stopping into the Frederic Public Library or sending a check to “Frederic Arts, Public Art” at PO Box 334, Frederic, WI54837.  The commission operates independently but receives some funding and administrative help from Frederic Arts.

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 Class of 2015 Uncorked #3 with instructor Bonnie Hagen

Class of 2015 Uncorked #3 with instructor Bonnie Hagen

 u-w's pro arte quartet, 2013

u-w's pro arte quartet, 2013

 u-w's Wisconsin brass quintet, 2015

u-w's Wisconsin brass quintet, 2015

 Kaptain Karl at the frederic arts festival, 2017

Kaptain Karl at the frederic arts festival, 2017




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