5-15, 17 & 22 2018 Chair Caning

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chair caoining.jpg

5-15, 17 & 22 2018 Chair Caning



Chair Caning

3 nights, beginning Tues May 15

6-8pm May 15, 17 and 22

 $60, material fee : $8

Mark Buley, instructor


Learn the traditional craft of chair seat caning by weaving a replacement seat for one of your vintage chairs (or find one at a second-hand shop). There are will be 3 class sessions of hands-on instruction and will require some additional work at home between classes to complete.


Each student should contact the instructor to determine if their chair is suitable. It should have a series of small holes drilled around the inside perimeter of the seat and the chair should be in fair condition. If refinishing is planned that should be done before the caning.

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