6-23-2018 Duck Painting Workshop

Northern Shoveler Drake.jpeg
Northern Shoveler Drake.jpeg

6-23-2018 Duck Painting Workshop


Duck Painting Workshop

Sat June 23, 9am-5pm

You must register by June 5th

Jim Springett, Instructor

Fee: $60

Jim will teach students painting with a limited palette, 3 colors, red, blue, and yellow with white. Learn about mixing all your own colors. His specialty is ducks and waterfowl. This class will focus on ducks. If students want to paint a duck stamp this year the entry date is Aug 15. We will be working in Artisan Oils -which are water base oils and are safe with no solvents. Materials for class about $49 due to instructor at class. Min 5 Max 10

Painting Workshop Summary:

This is a premier duck painting workshop in Artisan Oils. For an 8 hour painting workshop the students will sketch the Mallard Drake. The painting consists of three painting zones, the background, foreground and Mallard Drake. In this design we will teach, using only a red, blue, yellow and white (limited palette) how to mix all their colors from 3 Primary Colors and develop a very 3 dimensional ,2D oil painting. The Artisan Oils is water base so we use no solvents or alkyd chemistry. We do use a fast drying medium ( water base) and the painting will be safely dry to touch by class end so we can finish with varnish and install the hanging hardware.

Painting on wood board is a very premium material to paint on and I have a fair amount of prep work, I sand, coat each wood board with 4 layers of my special coating, grid. I use my Epson Surecolor P400 color printer to print a high resolution 8 1/2” x 11 “ photo glossy print and grid. So in class we can focus on the sketch leading into the painting.

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