Timber Frame Joinery with Brian Hall & Marc Cutter        


Timber Frame Joinery with Brian Hall & Marc Cutter        


This class provides an overview of timber frame construction along with hands-on experience. Each student will layout, cut and assemble a simple sawhorse that incorporates the essential elements of timber frame joinery--layout techniques, joinery decisions and material selection. Students should be comfortable using very sharp hand tools and power tools such as a circular saw and a power drill. The ability to lift 50-60 pounds is recommended. Bring your own hearing and eye         protection.                

  • Sept 15 & 16    
  • Class size: 5-8 students    
  • Length:    1-1/2 days    
  • Hours:     12pm-5pm on Friday, 9am- 5pm on Saturday            
  • Class Fee:    $100              
  • Material Fee:     $40 per sawhorse includes hardwood pegs        

You can purchase material in class for 2nd horse to construct at home      

Note: Frederic Arts anticipates this introductory class will lead to additional timber framing classes that include frames for small buildings such as gazebos    

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